From our founding by the creator of the “Drumstick” novelty, we have been committed to the dairy industry. Today we provide an array of on-trend feature flavors for ice cream, plus individual ingredients that add flavor, texture, and visual appeal to your products. We also offer inclusions and fruit preps to support savory dairy applications.

March 31, 2016

Two Ways to Profit from Parker’s New Cake Inclusions

Parker Products has launched a new clean label line of intriguing cake inclusions produced using a unique hot-panning process. The new ingredient line from Parker provides both practical and sensory benefits for ice cream makers, allowing the creation of exciting new flavors while supporting practical needs for a stable, reliable […]

Feature Flavors

In addition to our individual ingredients, Parker offers an array of on-trend feature flavors for frozen desserts, including everything you need to draw your customers in to a satisfying, exciting taste experience. All flavors are natural and support clean labels. To learn more, visit our feature flavors page.

For information on specific ingredients, read on below.

Ingredient Systems

Dairy inclusions icon


Parker was founded to provide inclusions to the dairy industry, and we have maintained our expertise in this area ever since. We offer inclusions for dairy products, from colorful candy pieces to nuts and granola, allowing you to create new, specialty flavors, keeping your customers engaged and building your brand.


Intriguing applications: apple yogurt parfait with cashew granola; vanilla-bourbon and walnut ice cream.

Dairy swirls icon

Swirls, Ribbons, and Variegates

Ice cream gets some of its greatest appeal from our swirls, ribbons, and variegates. We provide flavors ranging from candy and spice flavors like fleur de sel caramel, black licorice, and cinnamon to fruit like key lime, strawberry, and coconut to more unusual ingredients like our unique pretzel and molasses variegates.


Intriguing applications: cherry swirl ice cream with puffed quinoa; salted caramel and pretzel custard.

Dairy fruit preps icon

Fruit Preps

Parker’s creative fruit preps support line extensions and seasonal flavors. Fruit flavors are among the most trendy directions for indulgent dairy products like ice cream and frozen custard, and Parker supports these trends with preps like our pear apple tarragon and others.


Intriguing applications: blueberry rosemary ice cream with almonds; peach ginger frozen custard.

Dairy fillings icon

Flavor Bases

Our flavor bases contribute to intriguing, successful products throughout the dairy industry. From egg custard ice cream to watermelon sorbet, we offer flavors both indulgent and culinary with modest usage rates and consistent quality.


Intriguing applications: watermelon sorbet with mint-chocolate topping; orange chocolate milkshake.

Dairy coatings icon


We provide chocolate, caramel, yogurt, and other coatings for dairy applications. Our ingredients can coat inclusions or be used on the outside of an application.


Intriguing applications: chocolate coated tangerine ice cream bar; frozen yogurt coated chocolate ice cream sandwich.

Dairy grinds icon


We grind popular baked items and candies like chocolate cookies or peppermints to your desired size, contributing texture, flavor, and consumer appeal to dairy items as a topping or inclusion.


Intriguing applications: pumpkin gingersnap ice cream bars; hazelnut, banana, and chocolate custard.

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