As confectioners ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of the ingredient needs of candy companies. Whether you want to add value to the inside of your candy with our inclusions and fillings, or to the outside of the product with our toppings and grinds, we help you build your product line and create delicious, exciting confections.

June 9, 2017

Spring Into Floral Flavors

Incorporating fresh floral flavors in food and beverages is one of the most notable trends of 2017 so far. Notes like lavender, elderflower, orange blossom, and rose are appearing in trend-forward and health-focused applications of many kinds, driven by their fresh, sophisticated profiles and health associations. While high-end chefs incorporate edible flowers into […]

Ingredient Systems

Confectionery inclusions icon


Parker adds value to truffles and barks with a variety of creative inclusions. Our core line of candy pieces complements dark, milk, and white chocolate with flavors like maple, prickly pear, and mint. Any of our praline nuts can also contribute to confections.


Intriguing applications: spiced truffle coated in praline pumpkin seed; dark chocolate bar with sour cherry inclusions.

Confectionery toppings icon


We provide nut and candy toppings for candy applications including truffles, bars, candy apples, and more. Ranging from candy cane grind to hazelnut pieces to lemon flakes, our products give your chosen applications an extra layer of flavor, texture, and color.


Intriguing applications: milk chocolate bars topped with blueberry flakes and slivered almonds; espresso crunch dark chocolate bark.

Confectionery fillings icon


We offer a variety of fillings for confectionery, helping you surprise consumers with culinary flavors inside creative truffles. Filling flavors range from traditional chocolate and marshmallow bases to orange and key lime.


Intriguing applications: crème brûlée cherry chocolate bark; rhubarb champagne truffle.

Confectionery grinds icon


Our specialty praline nuts and seeds are ground to appropriate sizes for truffles and barks, including hazelnut, pecan, and others. We also provide pretzel grinds and small candy pieces in a range of flavors designed for confectionery.


Intriguing applications: truffle flavored with lemongrass and lime and coated in fortune cookie grind; artisan caramel apples dipped in pralined macadamia nuts.

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