Be One Smart Cookie

Pantries are packed with them. Grocery aisles are dedicated to them. Holidays wouldn’t be the same without them.

We’re talking about cookies.

Cookies are everywhere. And because of their ubiquitous nature, cookies of any origin can stir up nostalgic feelings among indulgers. A consumer may have equally fond memories of dunking a Chips Ahoy! as they do their mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies.

 So whether they were pulled straight out of a box or fresh from the oven, delivered by a Girl Scout or a grandmother, cookies hold a special place in the hearts of many.

 This unique position gives cookies more potential and versatility than almost any other baked good, which likely contributes to the 7% increase of cookies on menus (Mintel Menu Insights, Q3 2015-Q3 2017).

Additionally, the increasing prevalence of snacking combined with the fact that cookies—or biscuits—are often enjoyed with afternoon tea makes cookies poised for performance in today’s markets.

Keep reading for ideas on how you can cash in on the cookie craze.

Chocolatey Goodness

Americans have enjoyed the chocolate chip cookie for more than 75 years now.

First invented by Ms. Ruth Wakefield in 1938, the cookie nearly dethroned apple pie as the top American dessert after nearly every care package sent to troops during World War II was well-stocked with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Today, the chocolate chip cookie can be found in cereals, ice cream sandwiches, warm skillets, and in dough form.

And though countless applications incorporating the chocolate chip cookie have been brought to market, the possibilities are still vast.

Go all-in with the nostalgia trend and top a comforting gourmet brownie with chocolate chip cookie pieces. Or encourage consumers to really indulge at breakfast time by topping a chocolate donut with chocolate chip cookie pieces.

For those looking for a classic chocolate overload, try a chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, a chocolate drizzle, and chewy chocolate cookie bites.

Sugar Sugar

The official cookie of Pennsylvania, the sugar cookie was invented in the 1700s by German Protestant settlers. Because the dough is so easily cuttable and shapeable, sugar cookies can evoke party themes as sweet snowflakes for winter, bunnies at springtime, roses in summer, and apples in fall.

Of course, their versatility goes beyond physical form. The simple—yet delightful—recipe conforms well to countless other flavors, helping you make your applications anything but cookie-cutter.

Vibrant and exotic, dragon fruit is among the National Restaurant Association’s hot trends for 2018. Try blending dragon fruit into a creamy cheesecake. Add a drizzle of mango syrup and top with moist sugar cookie pieces for added texture.

For another travel-inspired treat, try a take on Thai rolled ice cream. Top crepe-like rolls of coconut ice cream with toasted coconut shavings, fresh pineapple, and sugar cookie bites.

Or embrace the sugar cookie’s functionality and versatility by combining it with another on-trend functional food. Offer sugar cookie pieces along with heart-healthy glazed walnuts as mix-in options for probiotic- and protein-packed yogurt.

The Long and Shortbread

Shortbread—once called biscuit bread—has origins dating back to the 16th century; perhaps even as far back as the 12th century. A traditional Scottish treat, shortbread’s more mild flavor makes it an ideal fit for the savory dessert trend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Try topping an apple spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting, a dollop of bacon jam, and crunchy shortbread cookie pieces. Or combine bacon with booze for a grownup treat. Add a shot of bourbon to a salted caramel milkshake and top with bacon crumbles, a caramel drizzle, and shortbread pieces.

Cheese helps make any dish savory, and goat cheese provides an extra layer of tanginess. Add some surprising crunch to a goat cheese and rosemary tart by scattering shortbread bites on top.

For an elegant, seasonal dessert, offer poached pears with honey, blue cheese crumbles, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Enhance the dish even further with shortbread pieces to give the treat extra texture.

Oodles of Snickerdoodles

Historians struggle to identify the exact origins of the delicious snickerdoodle cookie. But the cookie’s mysterious background hasn’t stopped it from becoming a perennial favorite among consumers.

Its distinctive cinnamon-spiced flavor helps it stand out among other cookie offerings. Additionally, that not-too-sweet spice makes it easy to justify indulging in dessert all day long.

Enhance a warm and gooey cinnamon roll with even more cinnamon goodness by topping it with soft snickerdoodle chunks. Keep the morning pep going by adding some intriguing texture to jolting javas. Top a cinnamon latte with whipped cream, cinnamon sprinkles, and snickerdoodle bites. Replace coffee with chai for a delightful take on tea and cookies.

Then take cinnamon through the afternoon slump. Cookies were made for the current snacking surge. Craft a desirable fresh snack by layering a vanilla parfait with snickerdoodle pieces, diced apples, and apple cinnamon granola.

Get Caught in the Cookie Jar

Traditional and adaptable, our wide variety of baked cookie inclusions can help add a flair of familiarity to any fanciful application. Take the cookie out of the jar into your offering lineup today. Our product developers are ready to create with you. Send us a note at, and let’s get baking.