Creating Drinkable Desserts that Intrigue

Drinkable desserts have been getting more and more attention in recent years, with both restaurant operators and beverage manufacturers making products that appeal to consumers’ interest in hybridizing flavors and types of food. Drinkable desserts let consumers, so to speak, have their cake and drink it too—and thoughtful brands are only too happy to enable them.

The drinkable desserts trend offers brands the rare opportunity to expand their product offering in several different directions at once, as these beverages can be a healthy alternative (smoothies), a nostalgic indulgence (milkshakes), or an adult treat (cocktails). Each of these areas appeals to a different consumer segment and offers opportunities for creating intriguing, delicious applications. Here are three product concepts—one for each type of drinkable dessert—for your inspiration as you consider your own drinkable dessert program.

Apple Pie Smoothie

Combine cooked apples, bananas, vanilla yogurt, and spices to create an indulgent dessert smoothie. Tart apples like Jonathan or Granny Smith will lighten the flavor and add complexity to the drink. Top with Parker’s pie crust grind inclusion and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a nostalgic, indulgent yet still healthy dessert option.

Rainbow Freak Shake

Freak shakes combine a traditional milkshake with an over-the-top collection of toppings, up to entire slices of cake, brownies, and pretzels. Often they combine savory and sweet to create a culinary, surprising flavor profile. Consumers love freak shakes not only for their indulgence but also for how they show up on social media—a factor we discussed in our recent white paper on other culinary trends in snack food. Parker can support freak shakes with an array of eye-popping ingredients, including our rainbow sprinkle blend: top a shake of your preferred flavor (peach, mint, or something more surprising) with a scoop of ice cream, a stack of macarons, and a generous layer of our multicolored sprinkles.

Grown-up Salted Caramel Float

A boozy and complex take on the traditional root beer float. Combine a vanilla bean ice cream with our whiskey caramel variegate and drop that ice cream into a mug of hard root beer; top with our sea salt and turbinado sugar blend. To really enhance the visual appeal of the product, add our sea salt toffee as a topping.

Drinkable desserts can be a great menu addition for brands in several spaces, whether coffee, ice cream, or full service restaurants. As the creator of intriguing ingredients, Parker is privileged to supply inclusions, toppings, and more for beverage and dairy products of all types. Reach out today to talk to our developers about creating your next great dessert.