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You’re biting into a french toast donut: crunch-chew-relish the praline pecans; savor the maple glaze. That’s no ordinary donut. Without Parker Products, it would be. Donut shops are full of good choices. But consumers don’t return for good. They return for special. As a maker of food products, you have the opportunity to stimulate both taste buds and loyalty. You do this with intriguing ingredients. You do this with Parker Products.

April 16, 2018

Creating Trendworthy Foods

In recent years, food designed to become a trend online has become a recognized category in the food industry. Products like the cronut, the rainbow bagel, or the Unicorn Frappuccino attract intense social media attention, particularly on highly visual platforms like Instagram, due to their outrageous appearance and eye-catching combination […]

Since our founding in 1926 by I.C. Parker, creator of the famous “Drumstick” novelty, Parker has been dedicated to intriguing consumers with exciting new flavors, textures, and product characteristics. Our extensive line of specialty ingredients helps create indulgent applications by promoting desirable qualities like a more appealing mouthfeel, a striking flavor, or a delicious appearance.

With our long history of creativity and service, we passionately collaborate with our customers in the creation of diverse specialty ingredients that enhance and differentiate their products. Our commitment to our customers is evident through our friendly service and support for new formula innovation. Watch our capabilities video at right or download product and application information at our resource center for more about how Parker can help you build your brand.

Our Values:

  • Passionate
  • Results-Oriented
  • Customer-Focused
  • Accountable
  • Loyal
  • We Do What Is Right

Technical Capabilities

Baking inclusions icon


Pre-bake and post-bake

Batter and dough

Moisture barrier

Shelf stable and freeze/thaw

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

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Hard pack, novelty, soft serve, refrigerated

Manufacturing or retail

Moisture barrier

Various viscosity levels

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

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Various viscosity and pH levels

Dissolved and suspended ingredients

Moisture barrier

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

Portion packs, bulk packs, retail shakers and shaker lids

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Controlled water activity

Manufacturing or retail

Variety of viscosity levels

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

Shelf life requirements

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RTE & Snack

Stand-alone or blended

Moisture barrier

Label claims

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

Variety of packaging options

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Variety of service environments

Moisture barrier

Shelf-stable or freeze/thaw

Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free

Portion packs, bulk packs, retail shakers, and lids