Two Ways to Profit from Parker’s New Cake Inclusions

Parker Products has launched a new clean label line of intriguing cake inclusions produced using a unique hot-panning process. The new ingredient line from Parker provides both practical and sensory benefits for ice cream makers, allowing the creation of exciting new flavors while supporting practical needs for a stable, reliable product.

Read on to discover two ways that this new product line from Parker helps ice cream brands improve their bottom line through practical and sensory benefits.

1. Prevent Waste and Operational Costs

Our new cake inclusions were specifically developed to support manufacturers as they seek to eliminate food waste and create operational efficiencies. Whereas traditional baked goods often have a shelf life of weeks at most, Parker’s cake inclusions last up to 12 months, providing security for brands that use smaller portions or have a longer manufacturing cycle. The hot panning process produces a product with lower moisture content for longer shelf life without sacrificing sensory quality.

The ingredients are also shelf stable, eliminating the need for costly frozen storage and shipping. They maintain the same shelf life whether stored in a dry, refrigerated, or frozen setting, allowing for flexibility in storage.

2. Create On-trend Applications

Our cake inclusions also support on-trend product development from both a nutritional and a sensory perspective. In keeping with Parker’s emphasis on clean label products, our cake inclusions are free of preservatives and PHOs, and most items are free of many common allergens including soy, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Even the German chocolate flavor, commonly made with coconut, is available in a nut-free version created with a natural coconut flavor.

Flavors include carrot, vanilla, red velvet, lemon, German chocolate, brownie, and pie crust. These classic American flavors combine well with other Parker ingredients to produce exciting ice cream flavors like key lime pie, marshmallow almond brownie, or mixed berry cake. Although the ingredients have a crunchy texture when dry, they absorb fat and moisture from the ice cream to soften and create the dense mouthfeel of real cake.

Parker is excited to support the dairy industry with our new cake inclusions, adding to an extensive line of intriguing ingredients. Reach out today to learn more about the products, get pricing and order information, or to request formulation assistance.