Parker Products Announces Annual Feature Flavors

2017 trends come to life in 11 frozen dessert flavors

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – September 20, 2016 – Parker Products recently launched its 2017 booklet on feature flavors for ice cream, which highlights the company’s latest intriguing flavor combinations. The on-trend flavors, developed by Parker’s creative R&D and marketing teams, reflect industry trends including an interest in simple, indulgent flavors derived from traditional home cooking. All are natural and support clean labels. The feature flavors include:

  • Raspberry Buttermilk Sherbet: this home-style flavor features a buttermilk flavor base that provides a backdrop to the pleasing tang of raspberry sherbet swirls and chunks of raspberry cake inclusions.
  • Parmesan Sables: this complex, culinary flavor has an upscale taste profile, combining hazelnut ice cream with parmesan sables and rosemary pecans.
  • Malted S’mores: this nostalgic flavor features the simple pleasure of a malt flavor base mixed with marshmallow swirls, chunks of sugar cookie, and chocolate flakes.
  • Whiskey River: this sophisticated flavor reminiscent of craft cocktails blends indulgent brown sugar fudge flavor base, triple fudge brownie chunks, whiskey pecans, and a Whiskey River swirl.
  • Salted Gingerbread: this on-trend pumpkin base ice cream includes gingerbread inclusions and salted caramel maple variegate.

Parker’s other new flavors include Strawberry Slab, Sheet Savvy, Blueberry Crumble, Bournog Eggbon, Santa S’more, and Banana Stand.

“Parker’s marketing and culinary innovation team developed the flavors in our feature flavors booklet and worked together with research and development to make the intriguing and complex flavors come to life,” said Greg Hodder, president of Parker. “We hope these flavors will inspire our customers to create the next big thing.”

To learn more about Parker’s feature flavors or to download a copy of the 2017 feature flavor booklet, visit the Feature Flavor page or resource center and contact Parker.