Remixing Fruit & Nut Inclusions

Parker Products takes fruit and nut inclusions from classic to fantastic.

Staying “on trend” is tough. We know. There will always be new taste-bud tempting flavors, new delectable textures, and new eye-catching application appearances. But there’s something to be said for the fruit and nut classics we’ve all loved for generations.

We know pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries taste great fresh from the shell, vine, or bramble. And since I.C. Parker’s chocolate and peanut coated “Drumstick” kicked off our founding in 1928, we’ve created brand-building inclusions by innovating these naturally delicious ingredients.

For an ingredient that intrigues, we take nutty, fresh pecans and glaze them with sweet agave. We take the clean and classic texture of almonds and coat them with a roasted Sriracha crunch. We take the crisp bite of ripe blueberries and combine them with unexpected and herbaceous rosemary.

Parker Products is also one of the few companies supplying whole pistachios for a variety of value-added applications. Our praline pistachio, one of our most popular inclusions, starts with whole pistachios and pure cane sugar. Slow-simmered praline syrup coats each pistachio before it’s tumbled and toasted for a glass-like praline shell. This shell not only gives it a satisfying crunch but also provides a moisture barrier, making this product applicable in many industry categories, from RTE to ice creams.

The pistachio’s rich, buttery flavor makes it a great choice for an inclusion. But it’s our attention to detail, knowledge of our products, and quality ingredients that make it an intriguing, on-trend addition to your applications.

Get in touch today and learn more about how our unique fruit and nut inclusions help you intrigue consumers and build your brand.