We Make the Ingredients that Intrigue

You’re biting into a French Toast donut: crunch-chew-relish the praline pecans; savor the maple glaze.

That’s no ordinary donut.

Without Parker Products, it would be.

Donut shops are full of good choices. A standard glazed is good. Cinnamon sugar is good. But consumers don’t return for good. They return for special. For French Toast, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Peach Ginger. Specialty product stimulate cravings. Specialty products stimulate loyalty.

A line of basic flavors is good, but it’s not enough to create a devoted customer. As a maker of food products, you have the opportunity to stimulate both taste buds and loyalty. Artisanal shop or multinational corporation, you don’t do this with the basics—no matter how excellent. You do this with intriguing ingredients.

You do this with Parker Products. Our inclusions, flavor systems, and grinds help you engage consumers and add value.

We add the qualities that keep consumers coming back, whether it’s a burst of color, an exciting flavor, or a pleasing crunch.

From baking and dairy to beverage, confectionery and snack, we provide brand-building flavors and textures for applications across the food industry.

And we don’t just help intrigue consumers—we also make your products delicious.

Intriguing, delicious products inspire loyalty. So when consumers taste your products, they realize: that’s a donut worth coming back for.

We’re Parker Products. We make the ingredients that intrigue consumers. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you intrigue consumers and build your brand.