The New Parker Products

Parker Products was founded in 1926 by I.C. Parker, creator of the famous “Drumstick” novelty. Since that time, Parker has been dedicated to creating exciting new flavors, textures, and product characteristics. In that way, we have been helping our clients build their brands. With the approach of our 90th anniversary in 2016, we decided it was time to take a fresh look at our own brand—and the result is the new Parker Products.

Our new brand focuses on how we can serve the food industry with intriguing ingredients—everything that adds texture, flavor, and visual appeal to a creative application. As providers of inclusions, flavor systems, and other specialty ingredients, we pride ourselves on supplying the ingredients that excite consumers and keep them coming back to your brand.

Our new logo and visual identity support this position, the logo being inspired by the fundamentals of our business: our ingredients. The “drop” element in the “a” is reminiscent of several of our products, from an inclusion to a drop of one of our flavor systems. And the drop makes the “a” more intriguing than the standard text mark, just as Parker’s ingredients add value to your products. By re-imagining our brand in orange (the color of creativity) and brown (the color of wholesomeness and warmth), we aim to further communicate these ideas.

2015 marked an important transition in Parker’s business, as we partnered with Dot Foods to expand our ability to serve the industry with intriguing ingredients and friendly service. At the same time, we began examining our brand strategy and identity and completed a thorough reimagination of both. Now, in 2016, we’re approaching our relationships with the industry with new energy and new ideas.

We believe this new brand better communicates the capabilities we always had—the creativity of our product development team, the friendly service of our customer service and sales teams, and the attention to quality of our manufacturing team.

We’ve also created a host of resources designed to better communicate how we can help food brands grow their business and build their brands. This website is one prominent example: we ensured that the site would be full of education resources, from this blog (keep an eye out for regular updates) to our resource center, where you can find content-rich resources on industry trends and our capabilities.

Explore the resource center and other areas of our site to discover additional new resources that communicate how we can benefit your brand with products that intrigue consumers and keep them coming back. And if you’re ready to begin the conversation about how our ingredients can help you create more exciting, delicious products, we’d love it if you get in touch.