Be a Part of the Snacking Revolution

In lieu of five-course meals, Americans everywhere are calling handfuls of nuts and cubes of cheese dinner.

Yes, snacking is certainly on the rise. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s customizable, quick, and, most importantly, convenient.

In our on-the-go culture, featuring 50-hour work weeks, Saturday-morning soccer games, and homework-filled nights, convenience is king, and at meal times, snacking is the knight in shining armor.

So many Americans—about 94%—munch, crunch, nosh, and nibble throughout the day that the U.S. snacking market is worth about $89 billion, according to IRI.

But while snacking as a whole is popular, which specific snacks soar to the top of the charts?

Pack Snacks With Protein

When reaching for a snack instead of sitting down for a meal, consumers require a high level of functionality from their foods. Snacks must satiate to keep grazers full until their next munching opportunity.

So, people look to protein.

Always filling and generally seen as healthy, protein-packed foods are seeing tremendous growth. According to a recent report from Research and Markets, in less than 10 years, the global protein ingredients market could reach nearly $50 billion.

This puts handy, protein-rich nuts in a position for success.

Medleys of flavorful mixed nuts—coconut cashews, honey praline pecans, blueberry almonds—quench cravings for variety in taste and texture while providing a natural source of protein. Add some glazed walnuts to the mix for a bonus boost of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Convenient and Clean

 Although the uptick in snacking is relatively new, demand for simple, clean-label foods has become the norm.

As such, consumers expect the same level of fresh, all-natural ingredients in their snacks-as-dinners as they would for any other meal—so much so that Mintel calls the trend “fresh snacking.”

According to Mintel, consumers typically categorize foods found in the refrigerated case—like popular protein snack-packs and yogurt—as “fresh.”

Premade protein bento-boxes are simple yet profitable opportunities for groceries and cafés. Fill to-go packs with a hard-boiled egg, artisanal cheese, aged salami, and chocolate coated almonds for a nutritious and satisfying snack-style lunch.

Opportunities also abound in yogurt. As one of the top five “foods for snack-dinners,” according to NPD Group’s National Eating Trends, yogurt has the advantage of being both fresh and high-protein.

Add to yogurt’s appeal by layering high-fiber oatmeal cinnamon granola and shredded coconut into a freshly made parfait.

Stand Out With Flavor

Consumers crave convenience, but they haven’t lost their appetite for exciting and exotic flavor profiles.

Skipping traditional sit-down meals puts added pressure on snacks to deliver unique taste. To stand out, experiment with unexpected pairings.

Push beyond the basic berry breakfast bar with a chocolate-dipped granola creation featuring pear-praline cashews and salted caramel pretzels.

Or take advantage of the projected growth for savory snacks and mix sriracha-glazed cashews into a chipotle granola bar for a portable and palatable snack that’s sure to entice consumers.

Our product developers are ready to help you satisfy the growing snacking population with our endlessly intriguing ingredients. Reach out to us today to start creating your next snacking solution.