Very Berry Summer Flavors

The longer, hotter, often humid days of summer are ideal for more than a lazy day lounging by the pool. Early June through late July are prime time berry season, and Parker Products is finding new and interesting ways to bring sweet, tart, juicy, and summery berries to applications that intrigue.

On a scale from traditional to over-the-top, strawberries are considered long-time favorites for the light desserts, refreshing beverages, and standalone snacks of berry lovers. Strawberries, known the world over for their signature red color and sweetness, have long been praised for their self-seeding perenniality and high yields. The most famous of the berries, however, isn’t technically a berry at all. The strawberry is technically an aggregate accessory fruit, a fancy phrase that simply means the edible part of the fruit isn’t borne from the plant’s ovaries as berries typically are.

Closely following in popularity, the Rubus idaeus—or commonly cultivated Eurasian red raspberry—adds a bittersweet bite to everything from dairy and confectionery to baked goods and health-conscious bars. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, the raspberry is currently undergoing many scientific studies to determine its value as a whole food. Though these benefits may ultimately make raspberries a staple in wellness foods, they will always be our first love as an inclusion in rich cheesecake or chocolate bark.

Summer months also introduce fresh, lesser-known berries to the mix. On-trend options like goji and açaí berries, forgotten classics like sloe stone fruits and marionberries, and preserve favorites like boysenberries and lingonberries are continuing to be adopted as exciting application inclusions, flavors, and fruit preps. Interest and growth for these options is especially apparent in the confectionery space: a recent Mintel survey showed that nearly six in 10 non-chocolate confectionery consumers prefer real fruit (including berries) in their sweet treats.

Picked from the bush, vine, tree, or woody stem, berries are the source of summer-fresh flavor consumers crave. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Raspberry Buttermilk Sherbet

This decadent frozen dessert features rich buttermilk ice cream blended with moist raspberry cake pieces and swirls of tangy raspberry sherbet.

 Blueberry Crumble

Another ice cream feature flavor perfect for the dog days of summer. Take zesty cinnamon ice creams and fold in our brown sugar blueberry oat clusters for a breakfast-inspired treat.

Berry Mint Cranboost

Mix refreshing mint tea and protein with our cranberry flavor for a cool and tangy hybrid beverage.

Ancient Açaí Crunch

Sweet toasted amaranth and dried açaí nibs make for the perfect topping for yogurts, smoothie bowls, or classic vanilla ice cream.


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